what happens when a common student space is transformed.

An improvement to South Gippsland’s Mary MacKillop College campus included two additional classrooms and an upgrade for the YR12 common room. School Business Manager Rod Bowman enthuses, "we love" the shared student space, a sentiment also echoed by the students themselves.

Laughing for the photographer, but these students really do find the Bodyfurn Chairs comfortable.

Mary MacKillop College seized the opportunity to select exciting modern furnishing choices as they expanded their existing blueprint. The school saw the benefits implementing a more flexible furniture solution in their space explains Rod, that would lend itself to a modern pedagogy and culture.

Break time should be about catching up with friends (in comfort).

The common room has proved to be a huge hit with the students who are "thrilled" with their new space. The popular meeting place has been designed with a mix of chairs and hard surfaces for working on, sitting alongside a selection of soft furniture that’s perfect for lounging. “The common room has been transformed”, says Rod, “we can also move the furniture around creating neat colour combinations”.  Dubbed “our space” by the students themselves, the common room reflects student choice, independence and camaraderie.

"the common room has been transformed".

Rod Bowman - Business Manager at Mary MacKillop College

A clever system of colour coding chairs by classroom has proven to be very useful.

The two new classrooms were designed in collaboration with Furnware, to achieve a simple footprint that enhanced the School’s pedagogy. The fact that the Bodyfurn Sled Chair comes in a range of colours appealed to the school from a practical perspective. “We chose a different colour chair for each class. The students take their chairs to assembly and the colour coding system means we can easily track which classrooms the chairs belong to.

Mary MacKillop College intends to roll out their furniture upgrade across the school, and will use the positive feedback from these three engaging learning spaces as inspiration.