teaching care and responsibility in the classroom.

Wonthaggi Secondary College Principal Ross Bramley needed one thing before purchasing classroom furniture - student commitment to care.

Principal Ross Bramley is delighted students are respecting their furniture.

Like most school leaders, Ross wanted nothing but the best for his students. “While we don’t have the best facilities, we can ensure our students have the best opportunities for success in the form of furniture and ICT.”  However, before outlaying a significant amount of the school’s budget, Ross needed to set his expectations of the students and that included not only respecting themselves, but also their learning environments. When confident this had been achieved, it was on to the task of finding a furniture partner.

"i couldn't afford to purchase this furniture and not have it work."

Ross Bramley - Principal.

Students easily move the furniture around to work in smaller groups.

“I like to enter into a partnership when I do anything relating to the students and staff. I expect loyalty, honesty and fairness. It’s the same with a furniture provider. I want to deal with one company – to feel valued and know that I am getting good service” says Ross.

The school chose Bodyfurn Padded Sled Chairs for extra comfort and to encourage student engagement.

Quality, comfort and engagement for the students were Ross’s main furniture criteria, which is why we recommended the padded Bodyfurn Sled chairs . Our commitment to stand behind the quality of our product with a 10-year warranty provided peace of mind and gave Ross the confidence to purchase.

Students settle into comfortable sitting positions.

Students have taken responsibility for the care of their furniture and Ross couldn’t be happier. “I knew students in one classroom would make or break this project, so when I hear them referring to the ’comfortable chairs‘, I know we are onto a winner.”