21st Century learning spaces are required to be flexible, teachers need to be able to move and teach wherever the lesson takes them, and furniture design needs to consider younger students who may be learning in more open modern learning environments. All of these factors mean schools and educators are dependent on the right tools and furniture to accommodate both the learner and the space they are teaching in.

Great for creating a ‘cave’, a reading nook or just a quiet space for reflection, Spacemakers™ fun, abstract shapes are effective at creating separate spaces in larger more open learning environments. Their stand makes them easy to slide, so even the littlest learners can move Spacemakers™ around the classroom to create their own learning environment. More than just a divider, the multi-functional design also has acoustic properties to soften the background noise which can sometimes be an issue in todays’ learning environments. Another clever design feature is that not only can the Spacemaker™ be moved to any position in its stand to create higher or lower screening, they can also be removed from the stand completely and placed on the floor to be used as a comfortable cushion. Available in a broad range of colourful, modern fabric choices, use one as a privacy screen or group them together to create your own learning zone. Learn all about their creation from two of our talented design team in this video.

Another screening option to create flexible breakout spaces is the Room Divider. They are equally at home in an administration area when quiet or privacy is required, as they are in a classroom. They also double up as a work surface for pin boarding ideas and displaying work while helping to soften background noise in larger spaces.

In many modern classroom, ‘front of class’ can now be anywhere, so flexible work surfaces that move to where the learner is are a ‘must have’.  Whiteboards are a popular low-tech teaching and learning tool in any modern classroom. You’ll flip out over the double sided Mobile Whiteboard. Brainstorm, capture ideas all around the classroom or have some fun with magnets with this versatile and useful item. However, if you prefer your working surfaces more fixed, you can get a more traditional whiteboard, a great accessory to any classroom. Watch our video on why whiteboards work so well in any learning environment here.

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